Drinking is our business

Whiskey is personal. Everyone has a different palate, and every whiskey is different in some way. Helping to connect the drink with the drinker can be one of the most challenging things of all. With our help, every drop of that delicious whiskey will reach the right palate, because nothing is more unfortunate than a great drink and a potential fan that can’t find each other.

Tasting Notes

Providing comprehensive tasting notes and developing recommendations based on flavor profiles for producers, marketers and new microdistillers. Powered by Whiskey Club, we can provide you an instant focus group filled with a diverse group of drinkers that not only know about whiskey, but love it.

List Curation

Quantity doesn't mean quality. A well-rounded and carefully curated list of whiskeys at your bar can really make the difference to the discerning drinker. We can help you select what to stock, while keeping your shelves free of the clutter that every other bar on the block carries.

Cocktail Creation

With experienced cocktail and food bloggers, home brewers, and bartenders, we've got the know-how to help you craft the perfect cocktail, be it a full list for your bar, or a single unique drink for your wedding.

And more!

Think you have a whiskey conundrum? Reach out, and we'll see if we can help you come to the perfect solution.

We Love Whiskey

Rocks or Neat evolved naturally from Whiskey Club, a group of individuals brought together by the drive to taste and talk about any type of whiskey we can get our hands on. As a group, we’ve tasted and reviewed hundreds of whiskies over the past 3 years, and are always on the look-out to find more, new, and better products to compare. We’ve visited distilleries and traveled around the globe to find and try great, strange bottles from unusual places, and made the best of what’s available right here at home. In short, we love whiskey.

Our Tasters

Meet our ever-evolving group of whiskey enthusiasts.


Occupation: Advertising
Specialty: Bourbon and Cocktails
Favorite: Old Weller Antique 107


Occupation: Corporate Law
Specialty: Scotch and Scotland
Favorite: Ardbeg Corryvreckan


Occupation: Academia
Specialty: Islay Scotch
Favorite: Laphroig Quarter Cask


Occupation: Global Marketing
Specialty: Beer and Barrel Aging
Favorite: Redbreast Cask Strength


Occupation: Healthcare
Specialty: Rum and Wine
Favorite: Elmer T. Lee


Occupation: Education
Specialty: Japanese Whisky
Favorite: Black Maple Hill


Occupation: Architecture
Specialty: Bourbon and Single Malts
Favorite: Laphroaig Triple Wood


Occupation: Non-profit Fundraising
Specialty: Scotch and Wine
Favorite: Highland Park 10


Occupation: Engineering
Specialty: Bourbon
Favorite: Hudson Rye


Occupation: Marketing
Specialty: Bourbon
Favorite: Jefferson's Reserve


Occupation: Accounting
Specialty: Bourbon
Favorite: William Heavenhill BIB

Why We're Different

Most whiskey reviews are churned out by professional tasters, graded on a scale originally designed for wine, and written in the language of tasting that few truly understand. Being able to speak to potential drinkers in a way they appreciate and understand without talking down to them with the age-old “whiskey is for real men” tagline is a balance not many bother to strike. Our members are the people behind Mellody Brewing,,,, and contributors to dozens of other food and drink online magazines. Not only do we know what we’re drinking, we know how to talk to people about it, and even photograph it beautifully if we need to. All wrapped up in a tidy package, ready to help you with whatever beverage needs you may have.



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